GORDAN NIKOLIĆ’s Exhibition (words by Vladimir Kostić)

Looking at the numerous paintings, I think that in the paintings of Gordan Nikolić there is an obsession, such as the one with fresco painters, repetition of motifs and symbols. But behind this painting rituality there is a compulsivity to create a deeper subversion that can change the meaning of the work.

Therefore, is Gordan Nikolić painting a number of pictures or only one, which he completes? Look at the titles in the catalogue for the exhibition in 2001: picture 1405, picture 301, picture 325, picture 303, picture 753 and so on from the “Headers” and “Masks” series. I’m almost afraid to think of the numbers from the pictures in this exhibition which, if you follow Gordan Nikolić, is just a cycle of one continuity. In the end, my obligation as a randomly selected visitor from a randomly selected sample of possible painters is to express my opinion on this exhibition. My detailed and thoughtful pseudo-theoretical determination is simple: I like the pictures of Gordan Nikolić very much, and I have nothing to add to this conclusion.

Vladimir Kostić, Belgrade, March 24, 2016