OUTSIDE THE LINES: Contemporary Artwork Selection Vol.1 Exhibition

OUTSIDE THE LINES: Contemporary Artwork Selection Vol.1
27 Oct – 23 Nov

New Moment Gallery and Logic Art Space presented six contemporary artists who represent the beyond, and within the lines, through their artistic practices.


The concept of the exhibition was based on an artwork selection different in content and medium, but the same in the boundaries explored of the aesthetic and universal nature of the mental and physical spaces. The key focus of the exhibition is space outside the lines, and it is interpreted by every artist in a different way. Whether it is a sensitive moment in questioning one’s identity, re-examining the inflexible acceptance of contemporary conditions, or the path to a new destination, the symbolic value of the line as a boundary is something that should not only be crossed, skipped, penetrated, but made irrelevant and invisible. This exhibition brings together diverse approaches to show the qualities of art that sits outside the mainstream perception and narrative.

Outside the Lines / Contemporary Artwork Selection Vol.1 was the first in a series of anticipated exhibitions and represented the official start of the collaboration between Logic Art Space and New Moment Gallery.

The aim is to make a series of selling contemporary art exhibitions, making this kind of art accessible and comprehensible to a wider audience and, at the same time, encourage fellow citizens to support the development of this art field, creating the basis for future generations of artists from this region .

All the artworks were selected by Lazar Sakan, owner of the New Moment Gallery and Nataša Radojević, curator and founder of Logic Art Space, an international art organization based in Italy, working in the fields of promotion and production of contemporary visual arts.