Simonida Rajčević

SIMONIDA RAJČEVIĆ was born in Belgrade in 1974. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1997 and in 1999 she received her Post Graduate’s Degree. Since 2000, she has been working as an associate professor at the Facutly of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

Simonida Rajcevic has had more than 10 solo and 20 group exhibitions, both in Serbia and abroad. She is a member of ULUS.

She uses combined techniques of digital print and acrylic on canvas and has created large format artworks over 10m long. A major inspiration is the work of British author, Sara Kane, who deals with themes of pain, love as redemption and sexual lust – both physical and mental.

Simonida deals with the experience of alienation in a series of works called “Strange Waves” through which she puts the viewer in a position of being “beyond borders / realities”. This series of artworks can be described as a formal actualization of an internal questioning. It is a display of an intimate inventory performed and encapsulated by a vulnerable human being who is interacting with its environment. The surrounding environment is rendered as abstraction: there are no familiar and recognizable references to the real world. In the midst of abstract elements arises a lone figure of a conquered male nude. This composition, repeated more or less consistently in the whole cycle of large format paintings, brings about an atmosphere of strangeness and remoteness, as if the figure were disconnected from its own reality. Rather than representing the world as it is, the paintings express the artist’s personal point of view on the world dominated by alienation. By turning an abstract environment into an external mirror of her inner self, Simonida gives in to the absence of reality.