Petar Omčikus

PETAR OMČIKUS (Sušak, 1926) is a Serbian painter who lives and works in Paris. He is one of the founders of the Zadar Group, but also part of the Group of Eleven. His work encompasses many painting techniques, and is characterized by the spirit of the Mediterranean.   After World War II, Omčikus began his painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, which he left shortly after going to Zadar where he became one of the founders of the Zadar Group. After that, he spent some time in Belgrade, and then in 1952 he moved to Paris. Paris influenced his style in later periods when he turned to portraits, drawings of Belgrade, realism and sculptures. Omčikus exhibited a lot, both in individual and group exhibitions, and his works have been awarded several times. Among the awards is First Prize at the 9th International Exhibition of Original Drawing, Rijeka (1984). In one interview, Omčikus pointed out that he would make an anti-olympics – “to reward those who perform most beautifully. I would reward the beauty.”