Marija Dragojlović

MARIJA DRAGOJLOVIĆ (Šabac, 1950) graduated and received a master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, she later taught at the Academy from 1985-2010.

In the first stages of creativity, the subject in her paintings is systematically reduced to a simplified form and clean surface. Formal purity, linguistic consistency, unexpressiveness, problematization and reflection of the content of the painting are the main features of Marija Dragojlovic’s paintings. In recent years, her work is moving in a completely new direction and is based on a combination of drawing, watercolor and pastel with photographs, digital prints and projections, while the theme points out the value of everyday life, personal and family relationships that needs to be preserved from oblivion.

She has received numerous awards and recognitions, and her works are in many renowned public and private collections in the country and abroad.

Marija Dragojlović, Kutija 3, 1999, litografija 97 od 100, 30 x 40 cm