Petar Mirković

PETAR MIRKOVIĆ (Novi Sad, 1978) is a Serbian sculptor, whose art practice is currently more focused on drawing. He says that everything in sculpture starts from a drawing and he uses the basics – charcoal and paper. His works are fascinating as they are large format charcoal drawings of atmospheric, black-and-white, noir photographs. Petar graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Novi Sad. He is also the winner of the prestigious Henkel Art Award for Modern Drawing (Central and Eastern Europe) – Vienna, Mangelos Realization and exhibition of Installation Project, Museum of contemporary Art – Belgrade, Annually Award for Sculpture – Novi Sad. He exhibits in all major world fairs and is part of the international art scene. He is revered by both the public and the industry. Olympic Clock, which is located on the plateau at Hotel Moscow, is the work of Petar Mirković.