Branko Filipović – Filo

BRANKO FILIPOVIĆ FILO (Cetinje, 1924 – Belgrade, 1997) was a painter, professor, member of the first Montenegrin art group “Trojica”, member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro and the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.

Filo was one of the more prominent Informalists and one of the initiators of post-war modernism.

He graduated from the Art School in Herceg Nova, followed by the Academy of Fine Arts and a special course with Milo Milunović in Belgrade in 1955. He attended an art workshop with Jaroslav Kratina, as well as attending the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome.

He won numerous awards and recognitions. He posthumously won the Petar Lubard Award for outstanding art work in 2000.

Filo was the last representative of Yugoslavia (1990) at the Venice Bienniale. They say that he did not win the Golden Lion (the main prize of the Biennale in Venice) because of the situation in Yugoslavia.

Bez naziva, ulje na papiru, 60 x 45 cm