Srđan (Đile) Marković

Srđan (Đile) Marković (Belgrade 1959) is a painter, art critic and a musician who lives and works in Belgrade. He started his career in 1983 with a drawing course in Šumatovačka, but later that year enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 1988, in the class of prof. Milica Stevanović and where he later received his master’s degree in 1991. He founded the multimedia troupe ‘S. S. Supernaut’ with Sonja Savić, and made three films: “Murder on the Edge of the City”, “Super Reality” and “Play”. They performed with painter Momir Grujić Flek at BITEF in 1995.

He is one of the leading multimedia artists who was a key part of the creative scene during the eighties and nineties outside all institutional and social circles. He is part of the new wave movement in painting, music and film. He comes from a family of painters. He likes to experiment with forms and media. He has had 14 solo exhibitions and won three prestigious awards (in 1988 the award of the Miloš Bajić Fund, Belgrade, in 2010 the first prize for painting, Spring Exhibition, Čačak and also in 2010 the Golden Palette, Spring Exhibition of ULUS, Belgrade.)