Mihael Milunović

MIHAEL MILUNOVIĆ graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the latter from which he also recieved his masters. He was the 1997 Renoir Foundation laureate. Mihael splits his time between Paris and Belgrade. He is a member of C4 Art Group, ULUS and La maison des Artistes.

His work can be found in collections worldwide inlcuding, Collection Azraq, Kunstifung Esterhazy, MUMOK, Moet Chandon, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Palazzo Forti, Musee d’Art et d’Industrie and Muzej Savremene Umetnosti. Mihael’s art has received awards and recognitions such as the 18th Memorial of Nadežda Petrović Award.

His work has been exhibited around the world as part of solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, including Fondacija Mudima (Italy, 2016), Salon Muzeja Savremene Umetnosti (Serbia, 2014), OZONE Gallery (Serbia, 2013), L’Ombre du Reel (France, 2013), New Moment New Ideas Gallery (Serbia, 2008 & 2017), Stedelijk Museum Aalst (Belgium, 2010), Artefiera (Italy, 2008), Srpski Kulturni Centar Paris (France, 2012) and Esterhazi (Austria, 2010).

“The main inspiration for my work is the observation of reality and my imagination’s experience of the world. I often incorporate tautology, inconvenient truths, mixed symbolism, hidden meanings, forgotten ideologies and various ideas such as ‘progress’ – the sum of all these things, thinking and observation is the underpinning of all my work.” – Mihael Milunović

Mihael Milunović, Bez Naziva (Untitled), acrylic, watercolor, gold & ink on Hahnemuhle paper, 5 x 5cmx5cm, 2017