Leonid Šejka

LEONID ŠEJKA (Beograd, 1932 – Beograd, 1970) was a Yugoslav architect and painter, who worked on sculptures, objects, book illustrations, scenography, and experiments and theory outside of art. He is one of the founders of the Mediala art group. He is among the most important artists of the second half of the 20th century in Serbia. Šejka’s art practice focuses on five basic topics: the multiplication of objects, fertilizers, warehouses, interiors and still life. After completing Russian Elementary School and high school/Architecture college in 1949 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1960. For the Traktat o slikarstvu Studies (1964), he received the Nolit Award. In addition to art, he also studied atomism, biology, philosophy, literature and music. He believed that it was not necessary to find one’s self, but rather to come to one’s self.