Đorđe Ivačković

ĐORĐE IVAČKOVIĆ (1930–2012) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1952, but soon after decided to focus on being a painter and travelling around Europe in order to familiarize himself with contemporary trends in art. In 1961 he moved to Paris, created his own artistic style and built a reputation.

From the very beginning, Ivačković was completely focused on abstraction, believing this was the only way to freedom in artistic expression. Throughout his career for almost half a century, he built a recognizable and authentic style, based on a raw, powerful, mature expression that at the same time captivates with high refinement and subtlety.

His works are found in many European museums and private collections.

Apart from painting, Ivačković had another great passion – jazz. He was an outstanding pianist, present in the Belgrade jazz scene of the 1950s, known as Đoka Bap. He continued to play music in Paris, playing in jazz clubs.