Radomir Damnjanović – Damnjan

RADOMIR DAMNJANOVIĆ DAМNJAN (Mostar, 1935) is a Serbian painter and conceptual artist. He lives and works in Belgrade and Milan.

His art practice involves painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, film, video and performance.

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1957, and completed his postgraduate studies in 1959. As a Fulbright scholar he was in Los Angeles and New York in 1971-1972. Since 1974 he has been living and working in Milan.

He has had numerous exhibitions in the region and abroad. He exhibited at the Documenta in Kassel (1964), the Sao Paulo Biennial (1963), Venice (1966, 1976), Tokyo (1967) and Bratislava (1968). He is a winner of a large number of domestic and international awards.

As a young artist, he burned 70 of his paintings and over 1000 drawings that kept his fireplace going for days. The goal was to create a complete catastrophe so that he was liberated to create something new.