Kosara Bokšan

KOSARA BOKŠAN (Berlin, 1925 – Beograd, 2009) was a Serbian painter who lived in Paris, and still has a significant place in painting today. She is one of the founders of our first post-war art community “Zadar group”.

Kosara was an artist who went through various creative phases (realism, abstract, informalism, symbolism) and who always kept her authenticity in each of them because she was an expressive colorist and was expressive in movement and monumental form.

She began to teach painting during World War II with Mladen Josić, and from 1944 in the studio of Zora Petrović. The following year she enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1947 she went to Zadar where she founded the Zadar group with her colleagues.

In 1968 she was recognised by the Ministry of Culture and Communications in Paris.

After her death, her partner Petar Omčikus, sold her studio in Paris and from these funds founded the Kosara Bokshan and Petar Omčikus Foundation in Belgrade, in Mihizova Street (which was named after their colleague from the Zadar group).

Kosara Bokšan, Archipel, 1994, pastel, 70 x 100 cm