Slobodan – Braco Dimitrijević

SLOBODAN – BRACO DIMITRIJEVIĆ (Sarajevo, 1948) began painting at the age of five, was 10 when he had his first solo exhibition, and did his first conceptual work at 15. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and received his master’s degree in London. He lives and works in Paris.

He is one of the pioneers of conceptual art in this region, and one of the most prominent names of the conceptual art world. He began his career with Casual Passer-by, the work features large format close-up photographic portraits of everyday people  hung on buildings and billboard in different cities in Europe and America. His installation Trypticus post historicus caused much controversy. He used original art of Leonardo da Vinci, Modigliani, Van Gogh and other prominent painters, and placed them in banal contexts of everyday life, interpreting the coexistence of art, man and nature.

His artworks are in over 60 museum collections around the world, including the Tate Gallery in London, George Pompidou Center in Paris and the MoMA Museum in New York. He represented Yugoslavia at the Venice Biennale in 1976.

For the feature-length documentary about Dimitrijević the music was composed by Malcolm McLaren, father of British punk and manager of the Sex Pistols.

Braco Dimitrijević, Triptychos Post Historicus Magritte, 1978, litografija 9 od 200, 63,5 x 90 cm